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Frequently asked questions
What is IOPSA?
Institute of Plumbing of South Africa (IOPSA)
IOPSA is a voluntary body that represents plumbers and plumbing organisations, which aims to uplift plumbing standards in the industry not only for it members, but the plumbing industry at large.
What is the PIRB?
Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB)
The Plumbing Industry Registration Board was started through the body of IOPSA to proactively promote plumbing practices that protect the health and safety of the community and the integrity of the water supply and waste water systems, by providing a comprehensive registration systems for plumbers and monitoring the performance of plumbers.
What is a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance?
The Plumbing Certificate of Compliance is issued by a licensed plumbing practitioner to the relevant owner, municipality, local authority or insurance company to self-certify that their plumbing work complies with all regulatory installation requirements. Through this process the licensed plumber shall take ownership for his/ her plumbing work and be held accountable for this works.
DrainCorp Plumbers will issue a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance(C.O.C.) with all new installations and can inspect your newly purchased property (Pre purchase inspection)for plumbing issues that needs to be corrected by the seller.
Why do we use Copper pipes and not plastic when possible?
Archaeologists have recovered a portion of a water plumbing system from the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The copper tubing used was found in serviceable condition after more than 5000 years.

Superior flow rates as larger internal diameter increases flow rate.
Copper fittings are on the outside of the tube. Most plastics and composite tube fittings are inserted into the pipe resulting in restricted flow.
Can Withstand High Temperatures and Pressure
Copper tube can handle temperatures and pressures several time greater than plastic.


UV Resistant
Anti - Microbial Properties
Scientific studies are underway to prove that copper plumbing keeps drinking water clean by keeping down microbial growth.

Copper is Biostatic
Inhibits bacterial growth.

Not Permeable
Copper does not absorb organic materials. Possible contaminants cannot penetrate copper.

Fire Resistant
Very fire resistant, high melting point.
No Toxic Fumes in Fires
Copper does not give off toxic gasses when exposed to fire.

Plastic pipe agents generally do not take responsibility for material failures with little or no after sales service.

Geyser repairs - Common faults
Maintenance Pertaining to the Geyser one of the common problems associated with a geyser is that client experiences little or no hot water. No hot water or little hot water could be result of the following:
Partial/complete failure of the thermostat
Partial/ complete failure of the element
High water usage (additional guest)
Undersized element for geyser
Undersized geyser
Hot water displacement within the geyser due to sediment build up
Thermostat setting low / thermostat calibration is faulty
Power failure or ripple relays activated
Electrical (wiring/circuit breakers) faulty
Undetected hot water pipe leaking
Hot water taps leaking
Un-lagged pipes or long dead legs of the hot water pipes
Hot water discharged from the T&P valve
Geyser repairs - Basic info
A domestic electrical geyser typically has an element of 2000 watts to 4000 watts coupled with a thermostat to heat the water. Geysers have an array of safety measures including various valves that requires periodic maintenance. DrainCorp plumbers will repair any geyser components assuring the home owner of hot water. Burst geysers are replaced and installed in compliance with SABS standards. DrainCorp plumbers will maintain and replace your electric geyser.
What is a blocked drain and how do DrainCorp plumbers clear a blockage?
Blocked drains are a common and annoying problem experienced at some stage in most homes and businesses. There are a number of reasons that drains will block and often the immediate symptom of the block is treated and not the underlying cause. The most common causes of blockages are:
Foreign objects or debris - Foreign object including bottles, towels, sanitary pads etc.
Broken pipes - Drain pipes that have failed over time
Incorrect pipe installation - Drain pipes installed by a D.I.Y. individual.
Whatever your drain cleaning or drain clearing problem, DrainCorp plumbers has the right solution for your job. We make use of electro mechanical cleaning, where we cut away tree roots using sprung cutters on steel flexible rods. The rods also have the ability to retrieve foreign object from a sewer pipe.
Call DrainCorp plumbers now, and we’ll get your electro mechanical drain cleaning job done – fast
What areas do DrainCorp plumbers operate in?
DrainCorp Plumbers services the following areas:
East rand
West rand
What is a valve?
A valve is a device, which can be used to control the flow of water or regulate conditions within a plumbing system, such as keeping the water temperature at a predefined setting.

Commonly used valves include:

Flush Valves (Flushmasters)
Expansion Relief Valves
Non Return Valves
Air Release Valves and Vent Valves
The Drain Cock
The Vacuum Breaker
Pressure Reducing Valves
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
The Banjo Valve
Thermostatic Mixers and tempering Valves
Isolating Valves:
The Gate Valve
The Ball Valve
The Float Valve
The Stop Cock

What is a Tap?
A tap is a terminal (end or last) fitting that either controls or stops the flow of water from the hot and or cold water plumbing pipes at a bath, basin, shower or sink.

The following are the basic taps in the market today:

Screw down taps ( Bib taps, Pillar taps, Mixers, Under tile)
Ceramic Disc (Cartridge) taps
Electronic taps
Burst pipes - Why do pipes burst?
Burst pipes occur when the integrity of the pipe wall is breached. There are 2 x main reasons burst pipes occur.
1. As temperatures near freezing point, the water in the pipe expands. When this expansion occurs in a confined environment such as a water pipe, there could be substantial pressure placed on the inner walls of the pipe material, whether it be Copper, Iron or Plastic pipes. When the pressure in the pipes increases rapidly and exceeds the rating of the pipe a burst pipe will occur.
2. Corrosion in the pipes causes the pipe wall diameter to decrease and results in the weakening of a pipe. When pressure spike occur this could lead to a burst pipe.
Burst pipes are repaired by replacing the affected section with a new piece of pipe, this could result in walls that have to be chopped open for access. DrainCorp plumbers will repair burst pipes in your home, office or factory.
What causes water leaks?
Water leaks occur due to various reasons including water chemistry, the pH of the water, the temperature of the water, Oxygen levels in the water, water pressure and velocity of water in the pipe. In South Africa chemistry causes most of the pipe failures. Galvanic action occurs when Copper pipe and Galvanized pipe are joined incorrectly, causing rapid degradation of the pipe. DrainCorp plumbers will repair any water leaks.
Bathroom renovations - Why renovate a bathroom?
Bathroom renovation will significantly increase the value of a house. DrainCorp plumbers will remove old plumbing, replace with new pipe work and install new sanitary ware as to renew the look of a bathroom with current trends.
What is Sub soil drainage?
A subsoil drainage system is designed to be installed within the ground in order to remove excessive water from the soil, so that it doesn’t cause damage to buildings or to the landscape. Sub soil drainage systems are buried beneath the soil and should be planned and installed during the landscaping or building stage in order to get the best possible results. Retaining walls and basement typically require sub soil drainage in order to protect the structure from water damage. DrainCorp plumbers will install state of the art sub soil drainage systems as to ensure peace of mind to the client
Why install water meters?
A water meter is a device used to measure the volume of water usage at a pre determined point. Water meters are used to measure the volume of water used by residential and commercial building that are supplied with water by a public water supply system. Water meter installations are crucial in sectional title buildings and commercial sites as to accurately bill the water usage to a specific unit. Buildings without individual water meters cause individual units that use water sparingly to subsidise other units with high water usage as everybody pays the same amount. DrainCorp plumbers will install water meters at your building as to ensure accurate billing to all owners.
What is a drain layer?
A drain pipe is part of the drainage system that carries liquid and solid wastes from a dwelling to a sanitary sewer, septic tank, or a cesspool. The pipes have to be installed by a qualified plumber whom will certify that the drain is installed correctly. DrainCorp plumbers provide peace of mind for your drain laying requirements. We provide quality drain laying services you can trust. Our drain laying services are pressure tested before backfilling as to ensure a hassle free lifetime.
Why do Body corporates rely heavily on our services?
Body corporate(sectional title) trustees rely on DrainCorp Plumbers for professional repairs and installations at competitive rates. Many repairs take place after hours and trustees do not want excessive bills from non reputable contractors. DrainCorp Plumbers have proper paper trails and documentation in place as to ensure correct billing.
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