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Rates charged by DrainCorp PLUMBERS

All prices quoted excludes 14% VAT and is subject to a site inspection.

Call out fee:                   R389.00(Normal hours)                  R489.00(After hours)
Labour rate per hour:     R399.00(Normal hours)                  R598.50(After hours)

Components charged for at market related prices.

Blocked drains:
First hour sewer machine clean:   R599.00 Excluding call out fee. 

New water points:          R1799.00 per point

** Prefferential rates available for contracted clients **

Typical pricing:

Element replacement:                                                  Geyser replacement complete with valves & Drip tray:
Call out:   R379.00                                                          150Lt Kwikot complete   R5699.00 Excl. Vat
Labour:    R199.50
Element:  R159.00
Total        R737.50 Excl Vat                                             High pressure water jetting:
                                                                                      Site establishment:                           R1 299.00 Excl vat
Valve replacement:                                                       Per hour after site establishment:       R   699.00 Excl vat
Call out:   R379.00
Labour:    R199.50
Valve:      R649.00
Total        R1227.50 Excl Vat

All prices quoted excludes 14% VAT and is subject to a site inspection.

Standard Rates:
Our payment terms:
The customer accepts full responsibility for the prompt payment within 48 hours of completion of all costs of this agreement even though the customer may intend to obtain reimbursement from others such as landlords, tenants, insurance companies etc.
Failure to settle the full invoices amount in full without any deductions within seven days from date of completion, the customer consents to the following:
Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at the current MORA interest rate.
The account will be handed over for collection without consultation to a registered collection agent. All charges in respect of the collection cost will be for the customerís account.
The customer consents to be listed on a credit bureau if He/She fails to adhere to the payment terms.
All materials remain the property of the company until paid in full
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